Ivan Kuznetsov
I develop and grow internet projects and help people to work effectively together.
Who am I?
My father bought me a book about HTML in 2004. The same year I made my first website as a professional freelancer. Three years later, at age 18, I joined Yandex. In 2011, I came to EXANTE to manage the internet presence of the company and became Chief Web Officer in 2014. My department grew from 1 person to more than 30 in five years. In 2017 I joined an opportunity to become the CEO of Investex and moved to China for a year to dive in to the biggest fintech market in the world. Now I'm living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and manage my own project as well as help other companies to grow as a consultant. I spend my free time in a boxing gym, parenting my son or learning how to teach people to work more effectively and stress-free.
What am I doing?
Manage products in tech space and helping people and teams to work effectively together.
Product Management
From creating an idea to growth marketing
I can help develop product management processes, make a really good intro to agile methodologies, help you with hiring as well as make individual people form a team and bring your product to local markets.
1-on-1 sessions with managers helping to overcome crisis and find solutions
What I've done?
Why is it interesting to work with me?
Values that I can bring to the people and companies:
  • International Experience.
    I lived and worked in six countries: Latvia, Singapore, China, Cyprus, Malta, and Russia. I've launched and managed projects localized for dozens of markets.
  • Top-to-bottom View.
    I worked on projects in different markets--from online media to transport and logistics, from design studio to blockchain startup. I worked as an HTML coder, Python and Javascript developer, System Artchitect, UX Designer, Art Director, and Internet Marketing Manager; I organized a few events with high profile 100+ attendees, worked in sales and business development, managed teams and departments in big companies, and managed companies as a whole.
  • Lifelong Learning.
    I never stopped learning. Now I'm studying Go programming languages, and deep dive into data analysis and agile practices.
  • Humanistic Approach.
    People and the quality of communications between them determines product quality and in many cases the success of the business. It's important for me to work with those for whom these are not just words.
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